Wondering what's out there after school? Ready to take your job further but not sure where to start? Want to make a new beginning and need some direction?

Whether you're aged 16 or 60, the Careers Expo is the ideal first stop on your way forward. It's set up to help you easily make sense of your career options, no matter what your age.
If you're a high school student, this Expo will bring you face to face with the people who can answer all those tricky questions to help you decide on your tertiary education path. Parents helping children decide on senior school courses of study will also benefit.

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Want to know which trade suits you? Where to get started? This is the place to find out. Or maybe you're a mature age candidate thinking about re-skilling, or exploring new, more fulfilling employment options. You could be a post-graduate professional looking for a change in direction.

Whoever you are, this is the Expo that's all about YOUR future. Representatives from the broadest possible range of education, training, industry and government organisations will be on hand.

There are jobs waiting to be filled and opportunities for training and apprenticeships.  So get on track for your future here. 

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Careers Expo